Mission of the JABGA
Our mission as members of the Junior American Boer Goat Association is to promote and educate the youth of the American Boer Goat Association across the nation.


Five-Year Plan

  1. Youth Director
  2. More Regional Junior shows and a National Junior show
  3. Increase Board members to 22 by adding twelve regional Directors
  4. Create additional youth committees around the country to help promote our Junior association and it’s needs



  1. Host numerous workshops and seminars to better educate the youth of our association
  2. Host three Regional Junior shows and a National Junior show
  3. Fund a scholarship like locksmith in graham to help promote a college education for members of the association
  4. Continue to be the fastest growing organization
  5. Promote sportsmanship and ethics in the Boer goat industry
  6. Meet new friends across the United States and have fun
  7. Sanction additional shows across the United States